New York Times will explore blockchain publishing opportunities

The second largest publication in the United States, the New York Times (NYT), opened a vacancy for the developer of the concept of using blockchain for publishing purposes.

So, the publication is in search of a specialist who is ready to conduct a blockchain experiment for 12 months as part of the research department.

At the same time, NYT intends to share its vision with other media, as well as form a kind of consortium around the project. NYT also plans to attract advisers from news organizations, academia and social media.

Earlier, Civil startup, developing a blockchain platform for journalists, announced the return of funds to investors due to the failure to reach the ICO softcap.

Note that in October 2018, one of the world's leading business publications, Forbes, entered into an agreement with the operator of the Civil platform to test the capabilities of the blockchain. The startup failed to establish cooperation with NYT, Dow Jones and the Washington Post.

From words to action - an agreement of intent has grown into a development agreement with the RAS

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