Smart Wallet — a unique technology for everyone

Today, the purchase and storage of cryptocurrencies presents certain difficulties. The most common problem is the use of digital money for everyday financial transactions.

To use cryptocurrencies and store them — you need to register on the exchange, understand how the exchange works, somehow store data, you can not lose the password and the recovery phrase, which you are not protected with theft. All this needs to be learned, but people who want to invest their money in cryptocurrency and are simultaneously doing business have no time to delve into these processes. What they are comfortable with is a banking mobile application where everything is simple and clear.

For ERTC users, we conceived Smart Wallet as a tool that everyone understands. After purchasing or validating ERTC, the currency gets here and is completely safe. Using a smart wallet, you can pay and purchase. With Pay Pass and a debit card, you can buy everything you’re used to - coffee, plane tickets, groceries at the supermarket, or food delivery to the office.

In addition, the next step will be the opportunity to order an ERTC debit card for a more familiar and comfortable payment method. If we talk about security, then one of the wallet's foundations is a private blockchain, secured from external threats.

Today, active refinement of technical and legal aspects for the full functioning of the wallet is underway, so we will keep you posted.

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