If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, then, in order not to waste time searching for the coordinates of your land plot when filling out an application for validation, you can use the public cadastral map of the registry.

The site presents an electronic map of our country. The coordinates can be found simply by driving in the cadastral number of your site.

Cadastral map allows you to get acquainted with the following data:

1. Provides information regarding real estate;

2. Contains such information as cadastral division, territorial zones, and also zones characterized by special conditions in the process of using territories and how the administrative-territorial division of the Russian Federation is determined.

3. Knowing the specific cadastral number of the investigated land plot, using the services of the cadastral map, you can determine its location, get acquainted with the boundaries of the plot with adjacent neighboring territories. Moreover, the process of familiarization with the map is provided properly scaled and implemented by means of visualization;

4. After the required real estate object is found, it is possible to establish the territorial authority of the Rosreestr, the jurisdiction of which is the land object;

5. If necessary, using a map, you can consider satellite images of the area, digital topographic maps and orthophotographic coverage;

6. For those who need to know what the status of an object is, it is possible to determine it using the information of the public cadastral chamber. It can be temporary, previously registered or registered.

Public cadastral map 2019 - карта-кадастровая.рф

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